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Ruel Brown is a production designer, artist, and longtime friend of our studio. His credits include production design on a number of TV and film projects including Steven Soderbergh's Mosaic, the Zelner brothers' Damsel, ABC's The Bachelor, ABC's Blood and Oil, and he co-starred with Jack Black in Unexpected Race.

I love the ability it gives me to get full range of motion of my arm within my illustrations.”

Ruel Brown
Watch a video of Ruel painting our studio mural.
Watch a video of Ruel painting our studio mural.

Ruel is a true artist's artist, as is evident by his ability to attack a giant empty canvas with a paintbrush and create organic landscapes of sprawling hypnotic lines. This is why we hired Ruel to paint a mural at our studio arcade.

While working with Ruel and observing his process, we learned that he uses his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a tool to help plan out his production work and mural designs. He candidly shared with us that he would draw more, except that decades of working in the industry has left him with back pain and it's difficult for him to work at a traditional drawing desk for lengthy periods of time.

Upon learning this, we realized Ruel was the perfect candidate to test drive our Sketchboard Pro prototype. This raw video interview captures Ruel's reaction after having used the Sketchboard Pro for one month in his production work.

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